About EPPR 


Electric Power Pole Records (e.p.p.r) is an Australian psytrance/progressive/minimal record label which has been in operation since 2004. Founded on the idea of promoting fledgling artists from Australia and around the world, the compilation ‘Location 2 hours from Sydney’ was released in August 2004.

After 46 releases including numerous compilations, artists albums and ep's in now both physical and digital format and with numerous more releases in the pipeline for 2017, e.p.p.r is continuing its search for original, fresh sounding psychedelic, minimal and progressive trance. Our releases so far...

2004: Location: 2 Hours from Sydney v/a

2005: The Martin Fitzgerald File v/a

2006: Blackout v/a

2008: Third Drop Reflection - Realizations

2009: Borrowed Time v/a, Hedonix - Order out of Chaos

2010: Noctopus v/a

2011; Tech Tales v/a, Myriad Expressions v/a, Frechbax - Wolkenkratzer

2012: Vacuum Stalkers - Aelita, The Flip Side v/a, Jigsaw - Pleasure Machine, Fracas - Bizarre Dimensions, Tech Tales ii v/a, Problem Child v/a, Pot Shots v/a

2013: Temporary Unknown - Questions, Hedonix - Guerilla Ontology, Tijah - The Eternal Wave Effect, Tech Tales iii v/a, Pot Shots ii v/a, Radioactive.Cake - Motorheart, Roeth & Grey - In Money We Trust, Leopartdtron - Galactic Royalty, Tech Tales 3.5 v/a

2014: Mouth Wash v/a, Radical Stimulus v/a, Pot Shots iii v/a, Tech Tales 4 v/a, Roeth & Grey - Wrong Turn, My Red Syndrome v/a, The Black Cat v/a, Tech Tales 4.5 v/a

2015: Pot Shots iv v/a, Tech Tales 5 v/a, Have you seen my lost Brother Ray? v/a, Tech Tales 5.5 v/a

2016: the letter two v/a, Sonic Tickle - It's About Time, Tech Tales 6 v/a, Multi Tul - Badlands, Muggi Dane - Caveman Thrills (The Remixes), Fruit v/a

2017: Alic - Ma Soul, Tech Tales 6.5 v/a

The range of music we aim to release reflects the diversity you would expect to hear at an outdoor bush party or underground club event. Electric Power Pole Records pride ourselves in being an accessible, grass roots organisation reaching out to a wider audience through quality music which we hope you enjoy. Definately feel free to get in touch and send demo's via our e-mail or our soundcloud page, we have a diverse music taste which we hope to show in the variety of our releases.

A number of releases are planned for 2017 including more tech tales, progressive influences, the next Leopardton ep and more surprises....

check us out on soundcloud, send us your tracks/demos!

We hope that you enjoy our music and thank you for your support in keeping us going over the last 10 years and hope that we can stick around for a very long time to come!

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