Noctopus complilation on-sale now






Electric power pole records is proud to announce the release of our latest compilation Noctopus.

track list :
01. sunrunner – tres bon
02. meltdown - imenja
03. sol connection – hollows
04. widespread - sprog
05. meltdown – aftermath
06. sunrunner – bushwalking to the moon
07. widespread – nauseous conspiracy
08. sol connection – the good old days

mastered by triptych
artwork by shannon buddin
compiled by paul anzellotti

‘noctopus’, the seventh release by electric power pole records features 4 australian artists each providing 2 tracks of a slice of progressive dancing pleasure straight from the aussie bush. this progressive compilation takes you into the turning tunes of the australian doof and its final musical installment of progressive psytrance, deep in bass, winding with soundscapes taking you to the end of your musical journey in the sunshine of the afternoon.

featured artists include meltdown and widespread from sydney and sol connection and sunrunner from wollongong, all regular producers in the ever changing sydney psytrance scene. all eight tracks on the album highlight the strength of the progressive style in the australian scene, long searching tracks with a tribal beat catching you with its layered progression and regression into the sounds of the forest and always with the soul of trance as its catching point. styles which makes you get up and groove, styles which make you listen for the subtle styles of harmony between electronic and natural and a style which sets noctopus as a grab into the australian sound at its rawest.

the compilation is currently available via the psyshop

and, saiko sounds ... sp?id=8507

have a listen and see if you hear what you like from a cd featuring australian and in that, mainly sydney and wollongong based artists and we hope to announce a launch party in the very near future.........

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